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রবিবার, ১১ জুন ২০১৭


Why I feel so much of pain?
Why I am at distress?
Why I am bewildered/perplex?
Why I am in the darkness?
Why tear comes in my eyes?
Why I think for the poor?
Why I think for the downtrodden people?
Why I think for the mankind?
Why I think for the humanity?
Why I think for street urchins?
Why I think for the street beggars?
Why I think for the oppressed people?
Why I think for the family, community & the nation?
Why I am worried for all?
Why I cannot be self hungered man?
Why I am worried for the organisation where I work?
Why I am worried, anxious for the nation?
Who am I? What I can do ?
What capacity, what wealth I have?
Do I have the power & capacity?
To solve the problems faced by the people, family, community and nation
Can I solve those?
Of course not.
Then Why I stay and devote my time unnecessarily
Why I did not avail leave for the last 49 years of my service?
Why I work for the betterment of others?
Why I extend my hand for others well being?
Why I do not do my personal work?
Why I keep my things out of my way?
Which emotion works for me?
Everyone things for himself/herself.
Did I thought of myself?
Did I think where I am going?
Who is going to help me during my illness?
All will be out, I can only find the thee
Who looks after his creation.
No near and dear ones will be beside
No offspring could be aside
I could feel it now even in future.
World belongs to rich & powerful people
It belongs to the people who have loud voices and to the real workers
Humanity has ceased, morality vanished
Betrayers have taken the power
I have passed many decades
I can see terrorism, looting, arsenal
I can see man & women’s body, child’s body on the street on the sea shore, in the jungle, in the mountain & other places
Who the hell I’m?
Who will rescue me?
All these happenings struck my mind
I am puzzled, I am worried
what will happen to me?
Tears comes to my eyes
I feel lonely
I feel oppressed
At the last stage of mine
I am totally isolated. I think of myself
What I gained? Nothing, Nothing, and Nothing.
Therefore, I feel, I am a defeated soldier in my life
Pain! Pain! Pain a severe pain.
I can not breathe myself.

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