Munshi Shahabuddin Ahmed Received the “International Creative Arts Award 2024”

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 Munshi Shahabuddin Ahmed

ICALDRC Linguistics Unit of Dhaka University conferred “International Creative Arts Award 2024” to Munshi Shahabuddin Ahmed for his unique contribution in writings. Discussion on “Impact of Language & Literature on Enriching Minds and Inspiring Lives & The International Creative Arts Award-2024 Giving Ceremony” held at RC Majumdar Auditorium of Dhaka University on March 30. These medals and certificates of honor were awarded at the event.
Professor Dr. Soumitra Shekhar D.Litt, Vice-Chancellor of Jatiokobi Kazi Nazrul Islam University was the chief guest in the event, Professor Dr. Nasar U Ahmed (Fulbright scholar, US Public Diplomacy) Florida International University, USA was the special guest. , artist Mujib Pardesi who received Lifetime Award was the guest of honor , writer Shamima Begum BPM, PPM, DIG Bangladesh Police, Special Branch and Secretary General of The International Creative Arts Language & Development Research Center (ICALDRC) Professor Lutfor Rahman Joy
The program was presided over by Professor Dr. Asaduzzaman, Chairman of Linguistics Department of Dhaka University. ICALDRC Linguistics Unit of Dhaka University has awarded this medal and award for creativity in various fields of research, literary publication, performing arts, education and cultural activities in recognition of their creative’s contribution.
Munshi Shahabuddin Ahmed with his vivid career left his government job after successful completion of 33 years as the Secretary and Chairman, Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission, ministry of Commerce.
Prior to joining this post, he also served as Secretary to the government of Bangladesh as the Secretary Ministry of Education (Technical and Madrasa Education Division), Chairman (as Secretary to the government), Land Reforms Board.
He achieved Medal of merit, Cnc’s award, long service award from Bangladesh scouts, given 2nd highest award of Bangladesh scouts”silver Hilsha”.
Considering his contribution to scouting he has been given the highest award of Bangladesh scouts”Silver Tiger”, 2019.
Books published by Munshi Shahabuddin Ahmed:
1. “Bangabandhu’s six-point certificate of emancipation of Bengali’s independence.
2.Bongobondhur Ukti Somogro (Questions of Bongobondhu)
3. “100 speeches of Bangabandhu”
4. “Motor Vehicle”-a book on driving & maintenance of vehicles.
5. “History of Manikganj”.
6. Handbook for Ac land —- a book on land laws.
7. Karigor— a book on Technical education
8. Bongobondhu’s budget 1971-1975.
9.Bongobondhur Arthro Samajik Vabna.
10. Manobotar Jononi Sheikh Hasina ( Mother of Humanity Sheikh Hasina).
11. Bongobondhu Bangalir Muktir Batighar.
12.Role Bangladesh trade and Tariff commission spreading business and industry.

Munshi Shahabuddin Ahmed Receives the “International Creative Arts Award 2024”

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